The Answer

Everyone always wants to know what I'm thinking about while I work out sums, write English tests and generally do the boring chore people call "SCHOOL". , People want to know what gets geniuses like me(this is my position nominated by my classmates, not me) hooked. They want to know what draws them in and refuses to let go. So this is my answer.

The Demon Hidden in the Leaves

Twelve years ago, the demon, the nine tailed fox suddenly appeared in the Land of Fire. Its tailed lashed out, smashing mountains and sending tidal waves crashing to the shores. The ninja of the land rose up to defend their villages. One shinobi faced the nine tailed fox in mortal combat. He sacrificed his life to capture the beast and seal it in a new born baby. This ninja was known as the fourth hokage. The baby's name was Naruto Uzumaki.

But as little Naruto grew up, the villagers resented him, fearing he was the nine tailed fox. Naruto was the troublemaker of the ninja academy and failed 3 times. He finally passed after stealing an ancient scroll and learning a secret technique. He fought a traitor and finally found one friend. He earned the respect of his ninja team and things are finally looking up. The one thing that he so wants to achieve might just happen. Because as he works harder and harder, he also is nearing his dream of becoming the greatest shinobi ever!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Naruto's Whiskers- WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY????

Uzumaki Naruto- distinguishing features are blue eyes, blonde hair, bright orange clothes and his 3 pairs of...whiskers????!!!!!

You ask what they are. This is the truth: I have no freakin idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So let's all play the speculation game! ^^
The Brief: Naruto has 6 whiskers- 3 on each side of his face. They have been there since birth and so are probably not a direct manifestation of the 9 tailed fox. My guess is that because Kushina had the 9 tailed fox sealed in her during pregnancy, some characteristics of the fox were passed down to Naruto. This is the same way mothers and fathers pass down their traits to their children through DNA.
Possible Materials: my favourite is a thin line of hair, like a beard. When the fox's chakra escapes the whiskers grow thicker so the ability to grow is probably necessary. Scars????? Maybe, although this is unlikely as scars would not be able to grow and shrink back. A skin blemish, like a birthmark???? Quite possible, especially if he was born with them. However, they can't grow!!!!!!!!!!!

So please!!!! I need some help. Together we will solve the case of the "whiskers". *cracking my fingers* Time to go surf.

Naruto- Rumours Dispelled

Every day I read a lot of Naruto material: fanfiction, comics and Q & A. In the Naruto kingdom of Fandom, there are so many fantasies, many believable enough to be true. This post is for the more popular ones, and if they are true or possible.

1. Tobi= Obito??????
Rumour: Tobi, a member of Akatsuki, is also Kakashi's old teammate, Obito.
Reason: When Rin was captured during a mission, Obito decided to rescue her, while Kakashi, went on to complete the mission. Kakashi later changed his mind and rushed back to help Obito. They faced an enemy that could become invisible. During this fight, Kakashi's left eye was blinded. Obito gained and used his Sharingan to defeat the enemy and the two teens carried on with their rescue. They came in time to save Rin, but the final enemy made the cave that they were in begin to collapse. During the escape from the cave, Kakashi was hit by a pebble on his damaged eye and fell. A huge boulder was about to crush Kakashi. Obito threw Kakashi out of the way of the rock, but was crushed. The team spent a few minutes trying to free him and talking to him, as his left side was free of the boulder. Obito offered Kakashi his Sharingan eye in place of the one Kakashi had lost. Rin, who knew medical jutsu, performed the operation. Just as it finished, the cave began to truly collapse and the remaining two teammates were forced to leave Obito. His body was never recovered.
Tobi was, for a while, a complete mystery. He wears a bright orange mask with only one eye hole, on his right side. Remember, Obito gave his left eye to Kakashi. Tobi wears strange full-body black armour. If Obito's body was badly scarred or disfigured, this would make sense. Obito and Tobi's hair look almost exactly the same and they both wear some orange. Tobi's playful manner and the fact that he is never serious also match Obito's personality.
My Verdict: Although I have wished this rumour was true over and over, it isn't. Later in the manga, Tobi is revealed to be Uchiha Madara. Although he is an Uchiha, he is immortal and not Obito.